Actually, the reason why you’ve decided to go to St. Petersburg is not so important. Perhaps, you want to enjoy the atmosphere of a magnificent city, wander through the streets filled with architectural monuments, and watch how the famous bridges over Neva are raised. You may also be interested in visiting museums and theaters, which in a great number lead their strange intellectual life in the northern capital. Or maybe you need to go to some kind of a business meeting, or a round table discussion, or negotiations with your business partners. In any case, you should consider the option of staying in the downtown hotel. Do you think it’s expensive? Not at all.

This is an advantageous and fortunate option to rent a room in such a hotel. First of all, this is due to its geographical location: from here it is easy to get as far as possible to any place you are interested in. Any kind of transportation is at your disposal. You can call a taxi right from your room, even if you are in a hurry a taxi will arrive quickly. Moreover, there are two subway stations near by, and there is a special offer for those who prefer river cruises: you can rent a boat or even a ship.

Prices do not bite at all. Of course, if you prefer business class rooms, mini-hotels are ready to offer you appropriate suites, which are though not as cheap as standard one or two-person rooms. In any case, if compared to large network hotels these lovely small hotels seem to be unsurpassed in terms of value and service.

For example, a downtown hotel named Polikoff offers a full range of services: everything a holidaymaker or businessman coming to the city on Neva might need. For ordinary visitors of the city there are rooms of different types, decorated in European style and great looking, with all the necessary conveniences including a bathroom, TV set, and telephones, some rooms have hairdryers and safes in addition, and VIP suites have Jacuzzi – a real godsend for a weary traveler. What is more, just from the comfort of your room you can reserve a table in a restaurant or book a ticket to the theater, the services considered to be usual in high class hotels in center of St. Petersburg.

Businessmen will surely appreciate the availability of free WiFi Internet in the hotel, with the help of which they can work even while visiting such a wonderful city. Actually, the availability of WiFi access point in one hotel or another indicates its respectability in the northern capital. Also, St. Petersburg is the city with an extensive network of rivers and channels, so there are a lot of rental agencies with enough boats or even ships on offer. Thus, if you find such an option in your hotel price list, and you have some extra money, you are highly recommend to seize this opportunity. By the way, St. Petersburg was also named Venice.

The most important thing you should remember is that the downtown is the soul of the city. This is the very place that represents the location, that is why Nevsky Prospekt is the best place to stay while visiting the northern capital. Don’t miss the chance to take advantage of this great opportunity.