There is a belief, and now we will try to dispel it, that staying at downtown hotels of any city entails great expenses, and most often they are vain. Large hotels, if only they had enough funds to get a cherished location place right in the historical center of the city, are very expensive and those located in historical buildings are even more high-priced due to their status.

But this is not true. Let’s start with the fact that St. Petersburg is a unique city by itself. Though it survived a range of global restructuring periods, it remained nearly untouched with the downtown exactly the same as it was many years ago. Thus indeed, the downtown hotels of St. Petersburg are located if not in ancient buildings then at the least in very old ones. But this doesn’t make them even more expensive. The thing is that the majority of such hotels are owned by building-owners, it means they don’t have to pay the rent. Moreover, in case they focused on their status and raised the prices, they would immediately go bankrupt. In fact, by staying there you get your personal suit at your possession where you can live for specified period of time. So, there is no need to raise the prices higher than the cost of rent in St. Petersburg, otherwise it will lead to decrease in profits.

But this doesn’t diminish the merits of mini-hotels. They do have great options on offer – close to Nevsky prospekt, it gives you an opportunity to view the city from different perspectives, even from inside, what you would surely lack in case of staying at the large hotel. Besides, downtown hotels of St. Petersburg have cozy rooms on offer that are not only equipped with any possible modern equipment, but also finished in a pleasant style. Why did we mentioned luxury? It’s not just that St. Petersburg is the magnificent city, and when you locate right in its center you plunge into the luxury of Peter the Great times. The point is that for some extra fee you can spend your weekend in a fantastic room with all possible amenities, including the seventh heaven of delight –  jacuzzi, where you can relax and wash away the marks of travel fatigue. For example, the minihotel Polikoff offers such a service to all comers. If you want to experience living like in a fairy tale, you can order a luxury taxi to meet you at the station and deliver you to your VIP apartments located close to Nevsky prospekt. Then, you can rent a comfortable boat to have a river cruise, or walk along quays and quiet streets, or dine in the open cafes. Luxury is very close, you just need to learn to notice it.

There is everything in downtown St. Petersburg hotels. It’s a real pleasure to come back there after walk, because deeping into a colorful world of well-yards, magnificent edifices created in Russian-European style, and bright quays require much efforts. But what is most important to our comers, it’s that this luxury is quite affordable. Affordable, or economical, luxury is there, you just needn’t look for the largest options, but for the most interesting options of the tourist market of the northern capital.