Every place is permeated with the memory in this city. Withing several centuries of its existence St-Petersburg managed to be the capital of the country, it changed its name three times, it was on the pages of great books and on the paintings of brilliant artists, it became a cultural, political and business center of the country. And all that time it attracted thousands of tourists who hoped at least for a few days to dip into its heady atmosphere that occurs thanks to its well-shaped homely yards, narrow streets and gorgeous quays.

Today any trip around the northern capital starts from the hotels of St-Petersburg. It has not always been so: before people came here to visit their relatives, close and not very close friends. One would think why it was more convenient to stay at friends than to stay at hotels specially built for visitors of the city. The thing is that St-Petersburg is the atmospheric city. You should not start making the acquaintance of St-Petersburg from noisy network of hotels, from people who know nothing about this city and who do not comprehend greatness of it, who just used to talk without stopping: “bascule bridges” and “white nights”. Yes, there are bascule bridges in the city and they can move apart it’s true; and there are white night in St-Petersburg. However, this is not the most important thing.

That is why the mini-hotels appeared in recent years which are absolutely different institutions in their concept. They seem to reproduce what has once been clear to any visitor of the city. Practically, you have your own appartment in possession for some time and you become a resident of this wonderful world. You become close to Nevsky prospekt. It’s not that nosy touristic St-Petersburg full of little kids pointing everywhere around with their little fingers; it’s slow, unhurried and in some sense aristocratic giant, that needed just several years to grow on the banks of the river Neva and that hasn’t changed great since that time.

These small mini-hotels of St-Petersburg give you unique opportunity to start your day as if you come here not like a tourist, but like a real guest. You are going to live so close to even beating hear of the city that you will take no notice of all that modern bedroom communities. You will notice only St-Petersburg in its initial state, with its fantastic layouts and deep inner intelligence that vanishes in that very moment when bored guide starts his monotonous lecture.

The mini-hotel “Polikoff” is situated at the intersection of Karavannay Street and Nevsky prospekt. After waking up in one of its lovely rooms the design “like the whole city” of which represents a mixture of the European and Russian design ideas, you walk along its main artery, the prospekt, where various lives and fates met together. This unique place is breathing the same air which filled the lungs of builders of a new capital hundred years ago; the air which great poets and writers of the Golden Age breathed in; the air which our contemporaries hardly distinguish from indescribable spiritual trepidation.

From hotels of St-Petersburg you can go to any place of the city but the most interesting thing is that you won’t need to go anywhere. Prime museums and theaters, great views and atmosphere of the magnificent city: what else do you need to feel close to this mysterious and lyrical city?