Wedding can be unusual. The more proposals are on this always popular wedding market, the more unusual and very tempting offers appear. For example, you can combine a pleasant event with an interesting journey, or you can organize a special show, considering that such sort of events occur with increasing frequency. Well, the signatures affixed, the rings exchanged, and a great feast in a restaurant, cafe or anywhere else is coming to an end. All interesting ideas implemented and the day is approaching to the end. Where to go then, especially if in this city you don’t have a separate apartment for no one to disturb young marrieds?

Honeymoon suite with a Jacuzzi in St. Petersburg

Honeymoon suite with a Jacuzzi in St. Petersburg is a nice choice for those who have decided to celebrate this joyful event in the northern capital of Russia. Romantic city on the Neva river, where the European and Russian architecture, the function of port and the title of most cultural cities of the country fancily got mixed up, is happy to greet a newly married couple at any time. Many hotels and inns offer service packages specially made for newlyweds, now we’ll focus on one of such offers. We’ll deal with the mini-hotel “Polikoff”, which employees are always ready to take care about the most important day of your life for it not just to go well but to end in the best conditions.

So, what is included in the wedding package? Firs of all, it is a deluxe room equipped with a great Jacuzzi tub, a haven of serenity and relaxation. Second, a cozy room in a modern and at the same time romantic European style will exceed all your expectations: except usual amenities there is a splendid double bed, TV set, telephone, hair dryer and other accessories. Once you leave a noise place, an executive-class car will deliver you to the heart of the city, where the beautiful mini-hotel “Polikoff” is situated on the intersection of Karavanaya street and Nevsky Prospekt. Indeed, a touristic center of the city is always noisy and crowded, but it is very calm and cozy in the rooms of the mini-hotel “Polikoff”.

Any newly wedded couple can afford to stay in a honeymoon suite in St. Petersburg, after all it is a chance to stay in a wonderful room equipped with all the amenities where the professionals will take care about your comport. A bunch of fruit and chilled champagne would be a pleasant surprise for you and in the morning you will have delicious breakfast. You can always order taxi right from your room, it means you won’t spend the next day in useless bustle. Luckily the wedding package includes late check-out, what allows you to stay in your room till late evening!

In a honeymoon suite with a Jacuzzi, with this element of luxury so suitable for such an important event, you will feel just great. Let such memorable events like the wedding and the wedding night go off in pleasant calm and coziness of this stylish deluxe room, where nothing prevents newlyweds from enjoyment of the begging of their married life!