As it is known, people visit Saint-Petersburg for many reasons. Everybody from tourists and businessmen, who wish to break into the market of the northern capital, to connoisseurs of high elite culture, who take theaters and paintings as almost sacred things, come to this city. All of them plan to spend from several days to several weeks in the city on the Neva, that is why everyone is excited about where to stay.

As in any other large city, hotels in Saint-Petersburg are of different types. There are huge chain hotels that welcome wealthy clients by gaudy sophistication, but there are also cozy mini-hotels, which, to our opinion, are more preferable and there are enough reasons for that.

First, pay attention to your hotel location. Though Saint-Petersburg is not actually a very old city, the downtown is built up a lot so that high-rise edifices are not actually built here. Therefore, it’s impossible to find a big impressive hotel next to Nevsky prospekt. But this is quite beneficial for mini-hotels which provide services right in the historical center of the city. Mini-hotels are mostly situated in the old buildings, pierced by unique atmosphere peculiar for this very city. So, lovers of antiques and peaceful contemplation of beauties of the northern capital are highly recommended to stay only in these small hotels of Saint-Petersburg.

Let’s focus on prices now. Saint-Petersburg is the city of contrasts, where you can find very expensive VIP hotels alongside very cheap options, so it can be said that almost every person can afford to have a trip to this city. In this sense, the aforementioned mini-hotels can boast some benefits. The cost of hotel stays in mini hotel “Polikoff”, for example, will satisfy even the most budget conscious tourist, making a mini-hotel an extremely advantageous offer in Saint-Petersburg tourist market, taking into account high level of service and downtown location. It’s wrong to think that such small hotels are created for a particular category of people. Among the rooms offered here you can find single of double rooms as well as deluxe rooms, where businessmen can find anything they need.

Speaking of businessmen, what kind of services should the hotel provide to attract the attention of a man of business? First of all, there should be all possible means of communication. In the modern hotels of Saint-Petersburg there are telephones and free Internet. Moreover, you can order a taxi or luxury sedan directly from your room. In addition, the city on the Neva gives its visitors an opportunity to have a river cruise, it’s good boats and ships prowl the river regularly.

Surely, everyone decides for himself what is the most appropriate and affordable variant for him. But it is proved already that more and more people choose cozy rooms of mini-hotels located close to Nevsky prospekt rather than regular noisy rooms in large chain hotels.