First, let’s find out what a mini-hotel is. A great number of these institutions appeared in all the cities of Russia, but those of them that are located in the northern capital appeared here due to the desire of local citizens to help the visitors rather than to cash in on them. The tourists coming here want to become a part of the city. It may sound strange a bit, but the famous view that Saint Petersburg is known for different Russians has one and the same effect: all the tourists want to comprehend, understand, feel and join this uncommon community. Each guest wants the city to accept him.

Mini hotels of Saint Petersburg are created for this very purpose. When you stay at them, you don’t feel like in a foreign country, on the contrary: nice design of the rooms, well-disposed staff of these hotels and pleasant quitness convince you that this is your temporary home, but not a hotel room for business trips. And this is the first step toward diving into the depth of life of the northern capital. But we digressed from the topic, meanwhile, mini hotels are quite amusing outfits. They are primarily located in downtown, so that every guest of the city can get to almost all antient sightseeings on foot. For instance, the mini-hotel POLIKOFF is situated within walking distance from two mentro stations, a number of theaters, museums and the famous cinema “House of Cinema”. This location makes these small hotels a nice starting point for your own big tour around the northern capital.

The prices at mini hotels of Saint Petersburg will please you, as they are affordable to nearly every visitor, especially if to take into account that along with your room you will get a part of the city in your temporary possession, a little one but sodden with its true spirit. You will be even more pleased by additional opportunities, as there are many rivers in Saint Petersburg, including the main water artery of the city – the Neva River. In the warmer months you can rent a boat and have a ride, during which you can view the city from a different angle, from the side where the first ship touched at a port to observe the measured flow of city’s life. Moreover, right from your room you can book a table in a reastaurant or book tickets to any theater, because a cultural life will surely be a part of your whole program. This city is too intellectual, it had justly been the capital of Russia for over hundreds of years.

Due to such modern alternative as mini-hotels of Saint Petersburg, the guests of the city have got a rare chance to live for some time in the heart of the city, like true Petersburgers. Of course, time flies and when it comes to leaving your wonderful apartments, you will probably feel sad. But no one has ever left this city disappointed, everyone managed to find something personal and close, something making you fall in love with Saint Petersburg.