In Saint-Petersburg, city on Neva river, that used to be capital of Russia, tourists are offered to experience different sightseeing tours: most often they include team tours in museums, palaces and villas, visiting of Petrodvorets palace and gardens, walking tours alongside Neva’s embankments and Nevskij prospect of course. Nevskij prospect is involved in many interesting histories and legends, it has been described by N. Gogol in same-name novel. He admires special atmosphere of this place at the same time noticing hypocrisy of passersby that was distinctive feature of his epoch. Today Nevskij prospect is the center of the St. Petersburg that is must-visit by all new-comers of the city. Most likely the reason for it is that in spite of all historical and political processes the prospect preserves and maintains characteristic atmosphere of authentic old city.

Location of mini hotels in center of St. Petersburg is just several hundred meters distant from Nevskij prospect. It makes them attractive accommodation place for many tourists. We should notice that besides lovers or architecture masterpieces minihotels are popular among businessmen too. Their attraction consists of several arguments: price for renting room is not very high, at the same time they are comfortable, well-equipped by all essential facilities for work and leisure. Besides necessary sleeping place and toilet facilities, almost all apartments fitted out with phone, TV and other common assessors. Tourists will take advantage of closeness of two metro-stations “Gosninij Dvor” and “Nevskij prospect” that expands possibilities and comfort to explore historical center of the city. More then that from here you can book excursions and sightseeing tours for one person or for the whole family, team; take consultation how to arrange most convenient route to see places of interest without guide. There is much to see! There are two famous museums situated on Nevskij prospect and neighbor areas: the Hermitage (that is considered to be one of the best museums in the world) and the Russian Museum (that is famous for collection of outstanding Russian artists). Furthermore in this area situated such remarkable places as Cinema Theatre, N. Akimov Comedy Theatre, Aleksandtijskij Theatre. Lovers of classical music will be pleasantly surprised by closeness of D. Shostakovich Philharmonic and St. Petersburg Mussorgsky State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre.

Mini hotels situated in center of St. Petersburg, especially on Nevskij prospect offer not only standard rooms, but also luxe rooms, that are of big demand among well-to-do visitors. For example, in “Polikoff” hotel luxe rooms are equipped with Jacuzzi. Also all quests are welcome to use free access to Wi-Fi internet, that guarantees smooth flow of business affairs connected with contemporary communication tools.

There is no greater pleasure then visit St. Petersburg with firm assurance of high quality service and coziness of the hotel. This is place where you will return every day after exploration of the city, so it should become your home during all stay.