What does the vacation mean? For some people it is time spent with the family or friends in your city. For others it is time for adventurous traveling around the country or abroad. Each person spends his own free time as he wants, but there is one question applied to any trip: where to stay in a new city, which will become your new home just in a couple of days.

In such large cities like Moscow or St. Petersburg there are a lot of various hotels which differ by their class and cost, package of service, place of location and other non-principal but rather important factors. You can always choose a place to stay in to meet your requirements, as before you reserve the room you do already know what is inside it.

Mini hotels in St. Petersburg

Mini hotels in St. Petersburg is one of the most interesting offer created for the guests of the northern capital. These small hotels are situated in the very heart of the city near Nevsky Prospekt. They differ from network hotels first of all by room rates and convenient location: they are not far from main historical and architectural monuments and metro stations. Moreover, they offer cozy stylish rooms where you won’t have to close your ears trying to get rid of the noise heard from touristic center of Russia. Silence is one of the most important factors in your choice of a mini hotel. You must agree that walking around an interesting hitherto unknown city takes much time and effort that is why rest is rather necessary at least at night. Mini-hotel “Polikoff” is located on Karavanay Street that is adjacent to Nevsky Prospekt, in the very heart of Petersburg that is to say in the thick of things. Despite the location, you may be sure its rooms finished in European style will pleasantly surprise you. The windows overlook the calm inner yard, thus form a kind of microclimate.

From here you can just walk to the House of Cinema, Russian Museum, Hermitage, Kazansky Cathedral, Alexandriysky Theater, Akimov Comedy Theater and Shostakovich Philharmonic. If you want to visit the distant districts of the city you can order a taxi or you can go there by metro, fortunately there are two metro stations nearby: “Nevsky Prospekt” and “Gostiny Dvor”.

You should remember that mini hotels in St. Petersburg offer not only single and double rooms (with the extra bed it will be a triple room already) but luxury apartments also. Businessmen who appreciate their status as well as newlyweds who want to have unforgettable honeymoon can choose to stay at these rooms. In addition, you can choose a room with a Jacuzzi tub – the best remedy for tiredness and relaxation.

While choosing a mini hotel to your liking you should consider not only the place of its location and class of the rooms but also additional services, availability of necessary amenities and facilities so important for everyday life and rest, the possibility to reserve the excursions, theater tickets and restaurants directly from your room, availability of free Internet (which is the most recent trend now) and many other factors indicating the level of the mini hotel.