In the world of tourism new offers emerge very quickly, that is why when you go to any city with tourist or business purposes you should consider the existing propositions there. For example, let’s speak about Saint-Petersburg. The northern capital attracts the fans of pompous Peter’s and post-Peter’s architecture by its palaces, museums, manors and of course by multitude of small and large monuments known all over the world. This is the city where, having visited the Hermitage and the Russian Museum, thousands of people can go to Fontanka and enthusiastically through coins on a small pedestal of Chizhik-Pyzhik; this is the city of contrasts where night-life is no less interesting than day-life not only for those who like to go to restaurants, but also for romantic people and those who are in love. Any way, the guests of the northern capital need to stay somewhere.

Mini-hotels of Saint-Petersburg are always open for the guests at any time. In fact, room reservation in such hotels looks like as if rent your own apartment for the period you are going to stay in the city on Neva. The location of mini-hotels is well thought-out, so that all known architectural and historical monuments as well as many important business points are situated not far from the hotel. Minihotels differ from their ‘big brothers’ by their calm and quietness. There are no children who can interfere your night dream, neither there are too noisy excited tourists, and also you won’t be interfered by street noise because very often the windows overlook the backyards so famous in Petersburg.

Mini-hotels in the center of Saint-Petersburg on Nevski prospekt are also the best choice for business people, who are not so much interested in city’s architecture as various offers for them. They will have the opportunity to order a taxi or an executive car, to reserve a table in the restaurant or even organize a party there, to rent a boat or a whole ship. On comparing mini hotels with large hotels the latter are inferior to mini hotels in regard to client’s treatment. Renting an apartment in mini hotel you may be sure you’ll get all the necessary services and the staff workers are always polite and will be ready to satisfy your needs.

Except the place of location (in the very heart of Saint-Petersburg) mini hotels possess a range of features not taken into account while choosing a hotel, however they appear to be rather pleasant addition. This refers to a range of special offers that may vary depending on season, place of location and size of the hotel. Though there is no ‘stars’ on mini hotels, which you used to see on large network hotels, however mini-hotels of Petersburg always offer you the rooms of various classes starting from standard economic to VIP rooms, where even the most demanding guest will be pleased by interior design.

Some words about style. Mini-hotel Polikoff offers its clients the rooms of several classes. All of them are made in pleasant and modern European style. The colors of the room are thoroughly selected for not a single client to be dissatisfied with the quality of room design. Depending on the requirements of clients, the rooms are classified according to the number of clients living there, and according to additional amenities like a telephone, safes, TV sets, DVDs, hair dryers, etc. The deluxe room is a special offer; there is everything you might desire including a Jacuzzi, a dream of a person who loves comfort and is a good expert in pleasant and health-giving rest.

While choosing a mini-hotel in Saint-Petersburg you should distinctly apprehend what you want. If you are interested in monuments and historical center of the city, if comfort needed to get to any district of the northern capital is very important for you, if alongside additional services and amenities you would like first of all to feel quiet and peace needed to plan your days without waisting any time and effort, in this case the mini-hotel of Saint-Petersburg is for you.

Enjoy your vacation!