When Peter I was building the capital city, surely he wanted to build not just the main northern port of the country, but also wanted it to be a city of respect in every sense of the word. While being the capital of Russia, St. Petersburg acquired multitude of great buildings and architectural monuments so different from other constructions, which let the city get the status of most beautiful city not only of Russia but also of the world. To keep the status thousands of tourists come to visit the city of Peter and find out more about wealth of this city, its historical and cultural heritage. There is fairly new service designed for such visitors – mini-hotels of St. Petersburg.

Well, what’s the difference between mini hotels of Petersburg and large hotels? As you know, large hotels, which are often a part of a network, are usually situated aloof from the historical center of the city and can accept a great number of tourists and businessmen, who also come to visit the norther capital. The atmosphere of homey comfort implicit by calm and long-expected vacation is totally out of the question. In turn, mini-hotels are situated nearly in the center of the city and offer hotel rooms which look like stylish apartments you are going to live in for the period of your vacation.

“Polikoff” mini-hotel is situated not far from Nevsky prospekt – the most famous and visited street of St. Petersburg. It is also within the walking distance from the major (in the context of touristic program) city attractions. For example, there is a short distance to get to the Russian Museum or the Hermitage. At the same time, despite such splendid location, stylish and comfortable rooms in mini-hotel are not so expensive. Thus, the advantages of mini-hotels over the large ones are obvious.

It should be mentioned that not only the tourists prefer to stay in mini-hotels. Mini-hotels of Petersburg are visited by businessmen, who want to spend their business trips the best way possible. Indeed, the quality of service is at a very high level. There are additional services available for guests of mini-hotels: telephone, free Internet, taxi order and reservation for restaurants at any time convenient for you. The possibility to rent a boat and even a whole ship is just another extra service in a huge list of additional services. By the way, there are comfortable and cozy deluxe rooms in mini-hotels; those who love pleasant chick could treat themselves to live in such rooms.

What does it imply? Your trip to St. Petersburg, especially if it’s your first trip to the city on Neva river, will turn out into the unforgettable adventure for you. Extensive touristic programs will cause you to walk much around the city, that is why how you rest will depend on where you choose to stay at. Discover really incomparable pleasure of coming back to your splendid room in a mini-hotel after a hard day.