Time is an amazing thing. It seems not so many years ago tourists used to stay at taverns situated somewhere in the suburb. At that time they were not interested in the beauty of young St. Petersburg, they were much more excited about business districts, markets and all those objects that today are called as commercial property. Even less time passed since the tourists came here on the travel package tour with a clearly defined plan of visits and sights, package tours they got as a reward for good work or high production rates.

Today tourists visit St. Petersburg quite in a different way. Today is the time when they walk alone or accompanied by their friends, but without any guide. They simply find an interesting route in the internet and buy a guidebook or anything like that; the main thing is that this turns their visit into a hassle-free vacation pastime. And those who welcome the guests in the norther capital couldn’t help to respond to that. As a result, there appeared a number of mini hotels in the downtown of Saint-Petersburg. This is a sort of a special offer for all modern visitors, mostly for those, who are reluctant to spend the summer vacation in Turkey even on an ‘all inclusive’ tours, because now it’s blandly, uninteresting and just trite. This option is to satisfy those who don’t want to live in huge hotels, which more likely resemble ant hills and can drive you crazy by their never-ending fussing and excessive pathos.

Surely enough that big hotels are not about to give up: even though the Russian tourists are less likely to stay there, the flow of foreign tourist is increasing each year. But it is rather like run-out, because there is a recent trend in the world for having a home-like vacation and large hotels can’t offer appropriate living conditions for that. Instead, a suite in a mini-hotel looks like your personal apartment in the northern capital. This creates an interesting psychological effect as if you yourself turns for a little while into a native resident of St. Petersburg being able to appraise the atmosphere and spirit of this city from inside, to comprehend why people are so proud of this wonderful museum- and monument-city.

Mini-hotels in the downtown of St. Petersburg offer conveniences not worse than those of large hotels. Here you will be treated nice and will get your personal apartment that can be hardly called a room; here you will be served a tasty breakfast and have a chance to ask for an advice of how to plan your day in the most efficient way. They say that lonelinesses meet in St. Petersburg, so now many people have a chance to check this.

If discard the lyric and keep things simple, you can find that mini-hotels of St. Petersburg are rather an economical alternative for spending your vacation. Moreover, they are more advantageous in terms of service that in no way is inferior to that in large city hotels and in terms of geography, for example, mini hotel Polikoff, located next to Nevsky Ppospekt, is one of sought-after sights tourists are always eager to visit. And these are exactly the new trends of time: affordability, comfort and excellent service. Probably there was no need to discard the lyric, because all of us aspire for something new except of trite runs from a museum to museum followed by boring babble of your guide, but for new impressions and emotions from discovery made by your own!