It has become a trend these days to travel not only to Turkey and Egypt, but all around Russia as well. Moreover, together with native residents who choose to spend time in old historic cities of their country, there are also foreign tourists who are especially attracted by two cities – Moscow and St. Petersburg. What is even more interesting is that currently the youth love to discover new cities for them to live there for some time, and often they prefer to stay in comfortable suites resembling separate apartments, rather than in noisy chain hotels. Such rooms help to feel the city from inside, what, in most cases, is the main aim of the trip.

Minihotels of St. Petersburg, inherently amazing establishments, are always open for such type of tourists. Mini-hotels offer you to stay right in the center of the Northern capital as well as they give you an opportunity to look in between two worlds – tourist Nevsky prospect crowded with noisy visitors and quiet side streets that have retained a touch of aristocracy typical for the cities of the epoch of Peter the Great.

A new type of tourism is far more interesting than a standard narrative excursion. You choose the route yourself and in order to do it in a right way you can use free Internet. Actually, it can even substitute you a guide.

It’s clear, that all mini hotels of Saint Petersburg have any conveniences of the modern life. And do not forget that you get not just a room at your disposal, but a real apartment right in the historic center of the city, in a nice house, the age of which far exceeds yours.

Young tourists, especially young couples, are most of all afraid of noise of a big city. And it’s clear, with kids scurrying about and adults talking for the whole night, it’s impossible to have a pleasant, leisurely vacation. That is why mini-hotels have a huge advantage over other hotels: only here tourists can realize what a true calm is. It may seem strange though, as Nevsky prospekt, a main street, always noisy and overcrowded, is at a hand’s distance but there is still no noise. The thing is, that the main street forks into many narrow streets not so frequently visited by tourists, where you can sit in a cozy cafe or wander around far from turbulent life of a metropolis. As you see, the location of mini-hotels is very beneficial for the lovers of a quiet life. And no one screams under your windows all night long.

Most likely, the future is with such types of hotels. In any event, we recommend all young tourists, who are not yet fully engrossed in studying the information given by guides, to consider this option.