It is always better to look for an appropriate variant to fit a certain type of vacation. St. Petersburg is primarily the city of tremendous architecture, high culture and unique atmosphere of aristocratic significance, that is why the tourists coming here are highly contraindicated to stay at large, noisy hotels. Private hotels are much more reasonable alternative for those visiting the northern capital, because there you will feel more comfortable and relaxed while spending your evening hours. This is not a resort with its jolly, noisy crowds of tourists; the majesty Romantic reigns here.

Many newly married couples prefer to come to St. Petersburg. There is a kind of tradition of the newly-weds to come here to spend their honey moon, in a place where they are surrounded by gorgeous edifices that dip them into the atmosphere of luxury dresses, pale-faced ladies with languishing glances, and mannerism with a slight touch of decadence. However, St. Petersburg today is at the same time a powerful industrial and business center, but how can this temporary aspect be compared to the image created through long years of history?

It seems, there is a kind of moderation peculiar to mini-hotels. Indeed, moderation in a sense of architects of the old city – the notion opposite to modern styles. In any case, the center of the city is the example of architectural extravagance, where there are no vulgar, boring constructions. Just look at the sweet building of the mini-hotel “Polikoff”, situated in the intersection of Nevsky prospekt and Karavannaya Street. It features neither grandeur of earliest palaces built by Peter the Great, nor vulgar squareness of model houses. It seems to have stood in the break of time, in that abstract reference point when suddenly St. Petersburg, a city-museum, started to turn into a multi-million city, attracting business people from all over the world. Then the aristocracy was gradually replaced by vulgarity of beau monde. Don’t worry, you won’t see it, because the private hotels are located in places where the spirit of beautiful antiques is still strong.

Taking into account financial matter, everything is simple here. Any person can afford to stay at the hotel located right in the heart of the city – this is amazing. True connoisseurs of deep immersions into other worlds are ready to pay big money for the opportunity to avoid the banality of sightseeing tours. But here you won’t be presented a large bill to pay at the end of your staying  – this is not acceptable for the citizens of St. Petersburg to profit from the luxury of their own homeland, the latter is accessible to all. Moreover, apart from your private apartments you will get a friendly attitude towards you, which, unfortunately, is becoming less common in the touristic cities of Russia.

When you choose to stay at a private mini hotel in St-Petersburg, for several days you become a proud owner of calm and quietness, the soft flow of time and a wide range of brightest impressions. Don’t miss the opportunity to stay face to face with St. Petersburg.