Like any other tourist city, St. Petersburg complies with the rules of the world service. There you can find anything you need for a full-fledged vacation with your friends, family, or for a romantic trip with your second half. A large number of cafes and restaurants will make your trip around the city not just interesting but very convenient, because as soon as you feel hungry and tired you can always stay in there and have a bite – it’s quite a usual thing when your are on vacation.

When choosing a downtown hotel in St. Petersburg, you should carefully consider the level of service. There is an ample choice of hotels: here are famous old hotels offering a wide range of services and a variety of additional options like three meals a day and evening events, but they are very expensive; also here are cheaper hotels for students and seniors, who unfortunately can’t afford very high expenses. But there is still one option catering for the interests of nearly all tourists and at the same time offering you and your friend amazing conveniences.

First of all, mini hotels of St. Petersburg comprise a coherent combination of beneficial place location (next to Nevsky Prospekt, right in the historical center of the city), rather low prices and high quality service. The service is so high that VIP suites of these small hotels attract businessmen and official to stay there, at the same time standard rooms are suitable for even most economical tourists. Such a hotel in the downtown area of St. Petersburg has many distinctive features which large and expensive chain hotels lack. For example, in mini hotels like this you plunge into a peaceful and non-touristic atmosphere, which is responsible for your impressions of your vacation. You won’t start each time you think of the baby crying for the whole night in a room next to yours, or this could be the revelrous crowd celebrating something. It isn’t the case! You will have a whole suite at your disposal offering the amenities and conveniences so soothing and appealing after a long tiresome excursion trip.

On the whole, the majority of St. Petersburg hotels offer a long list of conveniences: you can always call a taxi, what is indeed advantageous in a city where there are no immense traffic jams like in Moscow; right from the lobby you can book excursions, theater tickets or a table in any restaurant to your liking, what is a handy option for newlyweds. St. Petersburg downtown hotels are good due to their location with very many sights all around. For example, mini hotel “Polikoff”, which is a stone’s throw from Nevsky Prospekt, is located so close to the famous museums and theaters so that you can visit them in between going home for some rest or for a change. In any case, the choice is yours, but before you go to the Northern capital, you should better check out mini hotels offerings.