Many people used to visit other cities with the only aim: to take a closer look at them. A city is like a new friend. You never know how close you will be to it, which seems so unfamiliar and mysterious at first. Whatever the impression of its appearance you get, you should always look closely at every nook and cranny to check out whether it’s not just pathos used to cover up spiritual emptiness.

Thanks to mini hotels of St. Petersburg situated right by Nevsky prospekt, like on the bank of a mighty river, you can try to dip into sphere of its unusual life even for some time, to try on this leisurely intelligent pace of life and to make test for compliance with this yet unknown city. What you have is a separate suite, it’s nearly the same as to rent an individual apartment for a short term. Here you won’t have to live with a noisy neighbor, on the contrary you will feel how St. Petersburg inspires you with a kind of baby-like deep affecting tenderness that doesn’t let any tourist go on a spree. Here in these hotels no one will wake you up by loud shout. In the morning you will be able to go to Nevsky prospekt and see how it gently awakens from a night sleep – so quiet, still without crowds of tourists from all over the world. Then you can walk along narrow streets radiating from the main city’s artery-street like veins and you can drink a cup of coffee in a small cozy cafe. This is another life, another rhythm and another world view.

To find out that the city truly confirms its status of a cultural capital and in order to enjoy its intellectual manner you are recommended to go to the theater or to the museum. You are welcome to visit the majestic Hermitage Museum and to see richest collections of the Russian Museum. After that you can walk around evening St. Petersburg. On their return to hotels of St. Petersburg tourists usually can’t sleep: too many impressions they have, too strong even in the memory the strange image of a city is, quite unlike the image of a city-museum so cold and gloomy described by Dostoevsky in his works, the image that is in the minds of many Russian people all the more in the minds of foreigners. St. Petersburd doesn’t consist of museums only. Museums are only one of the city components and one should come just for a short tour to visit them but then there is no sense to stay here for long.

Lyric is an integral part of the trip to the northern capital. To feel its true spirit you should pass noisy areas, airport hotels and network of hotels by. Otherwise you will be like prisoners while staying in them and will leave St. Petersburg without slightest comprehension of it. On the contrary, you need to stay in small and cozy hotels of St. Petersburg like mini hotel “Polikoff” situated in Karavannaya Street, where you will be able to relax and catch breath after many hours of walking around the city built by Peter the Great. After having stopped, recovered breath and experienced first impressions related to real St. Petersburg, a city described in works of classics, you can finally say that it became a friend of yours, that you have understood it and that it possibly accepted you. And then you will definitely come back to St. Petersburg again.