You doom yourself to having a good time at the northern capital by referring to the service provided by mini-hotels. The thing is, they are specifically designed to completely satisfy the demands of the tourists and make them totally pleased with their stay. You’ll probably say: “How so? Aren’t large hotels striving for our satisfaction in every aspect?” Yes, they are but there is a big difference in the approach to the customers.

Any mini-hotel in the downtown of St. Petersburg is a comparatively small house built in full accordance with the style of the famous northern city. Most often it dates back to the time when the great plan for the development of the city was in full swing, that is why most likely you will be living in the real St. Petersburg’s house with the well-yard and a large front entrance. You immerse yourself in the world of the old town picking up the crumbs of its history and absorbing its atmosphere. So after leaving you take with you only manifold wonderful and inspiring memories about your vacation in the northern capital.

But we’ve digressed from the main point: what mini-hotel in the downtown of St. Petersburg to choose? First of all, pay attention to the list of services offered by the hotel. Even if there are some services you don’t need or you can’t afford, still take notice of them since the better the hotel owners treat the visitors, the better they will treat you. Don’t mind if they focus on VIP services a lot, it doesn’t necessarily mean the average visitors will lack anything. Not at all!

First off, discover what is there in the room you what to rent: in addition to a standard bed and a bathroom with the toilet, there should be a TV set (you’ll want to watch one after a busy day) and free internet (today there are few people who can do without it), the symbol of up-to-dateness. It is desirable that you should also have a hair dryer you can use after a shower and all sorts of extra amenities. Most tourists claim they need a phone, but you may want to renounce the world for the time of your vacation.

Also you should pay attention to the cost and what it includes. There should be a cafeteria in the mini-hotel, so if you find the cost too high, most likely the breakfast is included in it. Often any hotels, from small to large, offer only one meal a day and the mini-hotel in the downtown of St. Petersburg we are talking about is not an exception. The thing is, vacation implies that you eat local food in local restaurants and cafes, while the breakfast should be included in the hotel rates. You won’t go to the restaurant right after waking-up, will you? Suchwise, after breakfast you will be full of energy for walking along the center of St. Petersburg, in opinion of many people, the most beautiful city of Europe.